Concentrating solely on hairstyling Rebecca originally trained with an international fashion focused salon, known in the industry for its thorough education. This was an excellent 'apprenticeship' for Rebecca nurturing her own interest in hair with a development of a natural talent through constant hard work in professional environments, such as London fashion week, allowing her access to different attitudes and other approaches. These were invaluable to her career, working at the highest level locally with exclusive brands and progression into management.

'Vision' is a word that applies when it comes to hair cutting / styling. This word has followed Rebecca throughout her career, most notably in the early part of her education as a stylist regularly commended on the precision cutting and Impeccable attention to detail in which she has always put down to a confidence in her own natural ability with a calming personality, making the experience look effortless.

Rebecca is a Bridal Hair & Up-do expert meticulous in her approach with a natural flair for creativity which offers her customers a unique bespoke design, complimented by a personable 'twist' using the aforementioned 'vision' to fulfil the Individual needs.

Like her own extensive education Rebecca, from a small fishing village in the North east of Scotland knows how important personal development and continuous training is. Yes your own work ethic, desire and ambitions help, but it's the hands on training provided that will nurture the individual honing natural ability working on both Strengths & Weaknesses enabling 'you' to constantly strive for improvement or execute your 'craft', personably unleashing your own uniqueness. Remember it's not a job it's a career.


Hair Cutting/Colouring/Styling & Beauty Treatments